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Xavier Hughes

Face Mask Adjuster

Face Mask Adjuster

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We are offering a mask “adjuster”. Professional quality and grade, this adjuster allows for a perfect fit every time AND saves your ears from the burning raw feeling that elastic gives.  If that weren’t enough, I’m really excited for this because they’re amazing quality and created by a young man looking to make a difference in the world! He’s just 17 years old, working on earning his Eagle Scout and decided that he wanted to do this on his very own! I’m amazed by his initiative and drive especially at such a young age And am so excited that he chose us to launch it with!!! 🥰 these will be
$12 each which will include shipping!
So whether it’s to help me help him or to order these for your poor abused ears, you definitely won’t be sorry and will be so So SO glad that you did!!!!

Thanks for Be the amazing peeps that you are!!! 😘
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