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Hotmess Express

Naughty New Year (aka Dirty Santa)

Naughty New Year (aka Dirty Santa)

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If you like Surprises, then you’re going to LOVE THIS!!!

Just think “dirty Santa” or “White elephant” exchange with a twist!

Here are the deets and how to play:


$45 to buy in (you can pick the prize thats from you if you want to or I can)

Prizes are from HME inventory and will be items that range from $25-$59 and will be a style that will cover multiple sizes. With the prize package totaling MORE than $45

Buy in is open through 12/31

On Thursday, January 4, 2024 @ 7pm EST 😝 we’ll go live with All buy in Items wrapped and labeled with a # and will choose the order that we go in at random. 👉🏻When it’s your turn, you can either choose a prize that has already been opened or a new one.
👉🏻If you take someone else’s prize, they will choose a new prize from the unopened pile. -The only time that you will be allowed to “steal” from someone else, is during your assigned turn.

👉🏻There will only be 1 round.

The live will take place at 

If you do the buy in but cannot make the live, we will roll for you just as if you were on, but if you can make it, it’ll be so much more fun with you on the live 🥳

Questions? Just ask! Also, if I missed a deet, please point it out 🥰 I need all the help I can get 😆

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